What is Colour Academy?

Colour Academy is a start-up publishing company. We have created the first educational colouring book for the UK Car Theory Test, which is out 26th November 2018. Read more about us.

Who is Colour Academy for?

Colour Academy is for anyone learning to drive. 54% of people fail the driving theory test first time and Colour Academy is a fun and interesting way to learn the material for the UK Car Theory Test. As 65% of people are visual learners, Colour Academy can help memory retention and recall for your theory test, making you a safer driver for life.

Why Colouring Books?

Revising for the theory test is difficult with the current resources available. We thought instead of reading a boring book of rules, why not create something that is interesting and engaging? 

Does the book contain all of the information for the theory test?

Yes it does! The book contains all of the information you need to know to pass the UK Theory Test for car drivers set by the DVSA.

Do I have to colour in a whole book?

No. We’ve designed the book so you only need to colour the important parts of each illustration. You also only need to colour something if you need to remember it – if you already know some of the content then you don’t have to colour it in!  

Does the book help me practice the Theory Test?

The books main purpose is to educate you about the material for the theory test, not evaluate you.  Depending on how you use the book you can practice your knowledge on the test, the book does not contain any practice multiple choice questions. It’s more of a textbook.
Due to the nature of the product, we cannot offer practice hazard perception test as they are videos. We recommend using the free tests at www.safedrivingforlife.infor/practicetheorytest 

Are pens OK to use on the book?

We don’t recommend using pens as the ink might bleed through the paper. We have some great pencils available on our website.

Has anyone passed with Colour Academy?

Yes! We’ve had people use our prototypes to help with their revision. Tag us on social if you’ve passed with Colour Academy too.

“As a visual learner, revising for my theory test seemed far from appealing. But then I had the opportunity to Study in Colour and found that this unique study aid really helped. Very interactive and original idea – I passed with flying colours!” said Grace, a masters student in Leeds.

Are you releasing any other books?

Yes – In the future we want to create other educational colouring books for national tests, and expand internationally.

Not What You’re Looking For?

We’re continually working on improving the information available on our website, if you’d like to know more please get in contact with us.

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