How to Pass The DVSA Car Theory Test – Colour Academy Books

The DVSA driving theory test can seem daunting at times. There’s a lot of information that you need to learn, and it can be stressful for some people. It’s important to study and give it the time it deserves. Using the correct learning tools for your learning style is key. We’ve put together our top tips for sitting the theory test (or any exam, for that matter!)

The Basics

There are two parts of the theory test: multiple choice and hazard perception.

Remember to bring your provisional licence to the test centre, otherwise, you won’t be able to sit the test. Don’t forget to book your test well in advance, sometimes the next available test dates can be ages away!

Multiple Choice

You have 50 questions to answer and need 43 to pass. With each question, you will be given a choice of 4 options.

This part of the test is 57 minutes long.

The best way to approach this section is to leave around a minute per question and which leaves you time to go through the test at the end. Make sure you read the question properly as misreading can be a costly mistake. If you are unsure of any questions, use the flag tool and come back to them at the end.

Hazard Perception

In this part of the test you are shown 14 x 1-minute videos which feature at least one developing hazard – in one video there are 2 hazards. You need to click the mouse whenever you see a hazard developing. Each hazard has a maximum score of five, so you gain more points the sooner you identify it.

Practice While Driving

Believe it or not, the theory test isn’t separate from driving. The two go hand in hand and are designed to make you a safe driver. Read up on a specific topic area before you head out for a lesson and look out for what you have learned on the road. Or, how about getting your instructor to ask you road signs during your lesson? Also, if you are unsure about anything in the test, ask your instructor and they can talk through anything you are having difficulty with.

Mix Up Your Revision Techniques

Instead of just testing yourself on practice questions, which you may end up forgetting, how about trying different techniques that will help you retain the information for longer? Why not make a game of it with friends and test each other – we always find a bit of competition goes a long way!

Use Practice Tests

Practice tests are a great way to test your knowledge on a subject. When you’ve finished revising and you think you’re ready for the real thing, how about taking a practice test? You’ll be able to see what areas you’re strong on and what areas need development. Be careful not to base your entire revision on the practice tests as you won’t be engaged with the material, making it more likely for you to forget the rules when you are actually driving.

Good Luck!

Good Luck with your theory test and remember it’s not the end of the world if you fail – around 50% of people fail their test each year, so you’ll be in good company.